Automate Jotform with is an automation tool that lets you automate actions across apps. Unlike other automation tools, lets you add human approvals and decisions to any automated workflow.

Jotform is an online form builder that enables users to create and publish forms, with the ability to collect and manage submissions. Integrating Jotform with Relay empowers users to launch workflows upon form submission, facilitating tasks like data collection, customer feedback aggregation, or lead generation. Relay enhances Jotform by adding automated actions in connected apps and incorporating AI to elevate the data use from forms.

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Pipedrive iconJotform icon
Add a new deal in Pipedrive for new form submissions in Jotform
Finding it challenging to connect new form submissions in Jotform with deals in Pipedrive? Try! Our integration automates this process effortlessly. When a new form is submitted in Jotform, instantly creates a corresponding deal in Pipedrive, ensuring your sales pipeline remains updated with qualified leads.
Jotform iconSmartSuite icon
Create new SmartSuite records for Jotform submissions
Learn how to add a new record to a SmartSuite table automatically whenever a form is submitted in Jotform.
Jotform iconGoogle Sheets icon
Add new Jotform responses to a Google Sheet
Effortlessly manage your Jotform submissions by channeling them directly to a Google Sheets document, ensuring no data is missed or mishandled.
Jotform iconClickSend icon
Automatically send a message via ClickSend for a new form received in Jotform
Automate message delivery via ClickSend for each new form received in Jotform through seamless integration with This integration streamlines communication by facilitating data transfer between Jotform and ClickSend. Upon receiving a new form submission in Jotform, triggers the automatic sending of a message via ClickSend, ensuring prompt communication without manual intervention.
Jotform iconGoogle Calendar icon
Schedule a Google Calendar event from new Jotform submissions
Looking to simplify your event scheduling process with Jotform and Google Calendar? This guide offers the perfect solution. When new submissions come in through Jotform, automatically schedules corresponding events in Google Calendar. It's a seamless way to ensure that your events are promptly scheduled and synchronized across platforms, saving you time and keeping your calendar organized.
Jotform iconSlack icon
Automatically send Slack direct messages for each new Jotform submission
Are you ready to say goodbye to the hassle of manual form submission tracking and delayed responses? With, you can revolutionize your approach to managing form submissions and streamline communication within your team. By automating direct messaging in Slack for each new Jotform submission, the empowers you to stay on top of your game and deliver exceptional service. With personalized Slack direct messages for each submission, you can take immediate action and provide timely, tailored responses to your audience. Plus, with easy setup in just four steps, you can start experiencing the difference today. Don't let communication barriers hold you back – embrace the power of and drive success and efficiency like never before!
Jotform iconSlack icon
Automatically Send Slack messages to a channel each time a new submission is received in Jotform
In today's world, promptly collecting data and communicating with your team is essential for success. However, managing incoming submissions and ensuring timely responses can be challenging. Don't worry, is here to help! It's the ultimate solution designed to bridge the gap between Jotform and Slack, streamlining communication and enhancing response times for your team. With, your team can easily transition between Jotform and Slack, collaborating and providing timely responses efficiently. This seamless integration lets your team stay connected and take immediate action, driving efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction. So, don't let communication barriers hinder your team's ability to manage form submissions effectively. Embrace the power of and unite Jotform and Slack for seamless communication. Sign up today and experience the difference real-time updates can make in driving success and excellence. In this guide, we’ll show you how to set this integration up in four easy steps.
Jotform iconAsana icon
Create a new task in Asana for a new form received in Jotform
Efficiently manage tasks by automatically creating new tasks in Asana for each form received in Jotform. With this integration, seamlessly connects your form submissions and task management platforms. Upon receiving a new form in Jotform, promptly generates a corresponding task in Asana, ensuring that tasks are promptly assigned and tracked. This streamlined approach enhances productivity and ensures that all form submissions are effectively addressed.
Pipedrive iconJotform icon
Add a lead in Pipedrive for new form submissions in Jotform
Learn how to set up a Relay playbook that automatically adds a lead in Pipedrive for every new form submission in Jotform. By configuring this playbook, you can ensure that whenever a new form submission is received in Jotform, a corresponding lead is automatically added to Pipedrive. This Relay playbook enhances lead generation and tracking, ensuring that all relevant information is accurately recorded in Pipedrive for effective sales management.
Pipedrive iconJotform icon
Add a person in Pipedrive for a new form submission in Jotform
Looking to streamline your lead management process between Jotform and Pipedrive? This integration offers a straightforward solution. Whenever a new form submission is received in Jotform, automatically adds the person as a contact in Pipedrive. It's a seamless way to ensure that your leads are promptly captured and managed in your CRM system, saving you time and helping you stay organized in your sales efforts.
Jotform iconGoogle Calendar icon
Add a new Jotform respondent as guest in your Google Calendar event
Want to ensure your Google Calendar events include all relevant attendees from Jotform responses? This integration simplifies the process. When a new respondent submits a form in Jotform, the swiftly adds them as a guest to your Google Calendar event. This seamless connection ensures that your event attendees are promptly updated, saving you time and ensuring smooth event coordination.
Jotform iconPaddle icon
Add the Jotform respondent as a new customer in Paddle
Automate your customer creation process by integrating Jotform respondents with Paddle through This integration enables the automatic addition of Jotform respondents as new customers in Paddle. As individuals fill out forms in Jotform, dynamically generates corresponding customer profiles in Paddle. This streamlined approach enhances lead conversion and ensures that your customer database remains up-to-date.

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Streamlined Data Collection Workflows

Create efficient data collection workflows with Relay by triggering actions in other apps whenever a Jotform submission is received. For example, automatically add new contact information to your CRM, enroll users in a training portal, or create a ticket in your customer support system. This automates the flow of information and ensures that no data falls through the cracks.

Enhanced Lead Qualification Processes

Use Jotform within Relay to automate and enhance your lead qualification process. Upon the creation of a new form submission, trigger a sequence of follow-up actions such as enrichment of lead data, personalized email responses, or the creation of new tasks for your sales team in their project management tool. Using AI, you could even score the lead based on form responses and direct the best leads straight to your sales team's attention.

Automated Customer Feedback Analysis

Automate the aggregation and analysis of customer feedback through Relay's integration with Jotform. When a customer submits feedback via a form, kick off a Relay workflow that parses and categorizes feedback, then routes it to the appropriate department or team. Take advantage of AI-driven text analysis to summarize customer sentiments and identify emerging trends that can inform business strategy and product improvements.

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