Fillout integrations

With Relay, you can automate processes triggered by new responses from Fillout, a robust form builder and data collection platform. Relay integrates Fillout with your essential apps, ensuring swift reactions to incoming data without the need for manual input. Efficiently manage the information you collect by allowing Relay to orchestrate workflows that can trigger notifications, update databases, and organize collected data alongside AI-driven insights.

Fillout triggers and automations

New submission
Generate form submission Url

Do more with Fillout and Relay

Immediate notifications on new submissions

Stay responsive with Relay by setting up instant notifications in your team's communication channels, such as Slack or email, when a new response is received on Fillout. This keeps everyone informed and ready to follow-up or evaluate the entries quickly.

Effortless data integration

Automate the process of integrating new response data from Fillout with other apps like Google Sheets or Airtable. Relay ensures that every new submission is reflected in your databases, making them up-to-date and reliable for decision-making.

Enhanced response analysis

Utilize Relay to extract and analyze key information from new Fillout responses. By integrating with AI models, Relay can summarize feedback, classify responses for further action or even assist in generating comprehensive reports to provide deeper insights.

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