Mailchimp integrations

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that offers email marketing, automation, and CRM tools. Users can manage their subscribers, send email campaigns, and track results. With Relay, businesses and marketers can enhance Mailchimp's functionality by incorporating AI into their email strategies and connecting subscriber activities to other critical business workflows. Relay's integration with Mailchimp triggers, such as new subscribers, allows for a range of automation possibilities, contributing to more effective and personalized communication efforts.

Mailchimp triggers and automations

New subscriber
Add subscriber to list

How-to guides featuring Mailchimp

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Typeform iconMailchimp icon
Create new Mailchimp subscribers from Typeform responses
Learn how to create a Relay playbook that automatically adds respondents from Typeform to your Mailchimp mailing list when a new response is submitted.
Slack iconMailchimp icon
Send Slack notifications for new Mailchimp subscribers
Learn how to set up a Relay playbook that sends a message to a Slack channel whenever a new subscriber is added to your Mailchimp list
HubSpot iconMailchimp icon
Add new Mailchimp subscribers to HubSpot as contacts
Set up a Relay playbook that automatically creates new contacts in HubSpot whenever a new subscriber is added in Mailchimp.
Mailchimp iconTally icon
Add new Tally form submissions as subscribers in Mailchimp
Learn how to create a Relay playbook that takes new form submissions from Tally and automatically adds them as subscribers to your Mailchimp list.

Do more with Mailchimp and Relay

Welcome Emails with AI Personalization

Make every new subscriber feel special and improve open rates by using Relay to automate personalized welcome emails. When someone subscribes to your list in Mailchimp, Relay can trigger an AI model to create tailored content that resonates with the individual's interests or past behavior, ensuring that the first impression is a lasting one.

Subscriber Onboarding Workflows

Automate the onboarding process for new subscribers with Relay's intelligent workflows. Upon addition of a new subscriber in Mailchimp, initiate a sequence of events like a welcome email series, prompts for new-user surveys, or registration to an introductory webinar. Relay can manage these processes and involve relevant team members at the critical stages, enhancing user engagement from the outset.

Enhance Collaboration in Marketing Campaigns

Use Relay to integrate new subscriber data from Mailchimp into multi-departmental projects for product launches, events, or content marketing campaigns. When a new subscriber is added, Relay can create tasks in project management tools or update CRM records, ensuring that marketing, sales, and product teams stay synchronized and leverage fresh leads efficiently.

Automated Lead Qualification

Streamline your lead qualification process with Relay. Set up an automation that takes new Mailchimp subscribers and uses AI to analyse their engagement or demographic data, then classify leads accordingly in your follow-up tools or CRMs. This enables your sales team to prioritize high-potential leads effectively.

Feedback Collection and Analysis

After a new subscriber has been added in Mailchimp, Relay can trigger the sending of a feedback form after their first engagement. Relay's AI capabilities can help summarize and categorize feedback for quality improvement and product development purposes, maintaining a human in the loop for final analysis and follow-up actions.

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