How to add new Tally form submissions as subscribers in Mailchimp

Learn how to create a Relay playbook that takes new form submissions from Tally and automatically adds them as subscribers to your Mailchimp list.
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Create your playbook

To automate this workflow, you'll create a Relay playbook that runs automatically every time there is a new form submission in Tally.

Get started by signing up for and clicking "New playbook". Give your new playbook a unique name and emoji.


Add the Tally trigger

Every playbook starts with a trigger. The trigger detects changes in your connected apps and runs your playbook in response.

Click "Add trigger" and choose "New form submission" under Tally. Then, choose the specific form. If this is your first time setting up a Tally integration with Relay, you'll be asked to link your Tally account.

Now, whenever a new form is submitted in Tally, your playbook will run automatically.


Add the Mailchimp Add subscriber to list automation

Now you're ready to automatically add a subscriber to a Mailchimp list. Add a new step and pick "Add subscriber to list" from the list of Mailchimp automations.

If you have not yet connected Mailchimp to Relay, do so now, and then add the required information such as the audience, email address, and subscriber details. Make use of the Tally fields to automatically pass along the relevant information.


Turn on the playbook

When you're done setting up the playbook, it's time to turn it on.

The playbook will now run automatically with each new form submission in Tally. Additionally, you can select "Check now" to start a manual check at any time.

Try it for yourself in an interactive sandbox

Click around to try out the template right here. When you’re ready to build your own, click “Try it in Relay.”

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