How to automatically create tags in Mailchimp for new company changes in HubSpot

Are you tired of countless hours manually creating tags for every HubSpot company profile update on Mailchimp? It's not only time-consuming, but it also diverts valuable resources away from more important marketing tasks. Plus, the manual workload can cause inconsistency and oversight, making it difficult to maintain the precision and timeliness required for successful marketing campaigns. But wait, there's good news! is here to save the day! automates the syncing of updates from HubSpot to Mailchimp tags, making your life easier. With Relay, your marketing efforts will always align with your contacts, ensuring no valuable information slips through the cracks. In this guide, we'll show you how to set up this integration in just four easy steps!
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Create your playbook

To begin coordinating between HubSpot and Mailchimp for your workflow, there are certain steps that you need to follow.

First, you must sign up for and visit your dashboard. Once there, click the "New playbook" button to create a new playbook.

Next, give a name to your playbook, such as "Create tags in Mailchimp for new company changes in HubSpot," and select a relevant emoji (for example, 📄) that can help you to find it easily.


Set the HubSpot trigger as “Company changed”

To activate your playbook actions before changing a company in HubSpot, you need to add a trigger.

First, access your playbook and click on "Add trigger." From the HubSpot options, select the "Company changed" trigger. Then, choose constantly changing fields, like "About us." This will enable your playbook to perform the required actions automatically when the company changes.

If you haven't connected your HubSpot account with yet, a prompt will guide you through the connection process.


Add the “Get or create tag” in Mailchimp step

Integrate the Mailchimp automation to instantly get or create a tag from the new HubSpot company change.

Select "Add step," then locate the "Get or create tag" automation, and input the relevant details, such as Audience and Name.

If you still need to connect your Mailchimp account to, you will be prompted to complete that connection. Make sure to allow the necessary permissions for to get or create a tag through your Mailchimp account.


Activate your playbook

Activating your playbook is the last step. Once you turn it on, the playbook automatically creates tags in Mailchimp for new company changes in HubSpot without manual intervention.

To enable your playbook, click the toggle button located in the header. It is advisable to perform a test run of your playbook beforehand to ensure all steps work seamlessly together.

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