GitHub Integrations is an automation tool that lets you automate actions across apps. Unlike other automation tools, lets you add human approvals and decisions to any automated workflow. makes it easy to integrate GitHub with other apps to automate workflows for yourself and your team. Build your first playbook today and start automating your GitHub workflows in minutes.

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GitHub is a widely-used platform that provides hosting for software development projects. As a version control system, it allows developers to collaborate on code and track changes over time. With Relay, you can supercharge your GitHub workflows by integrating it with other powerful tools and services. Here are some use cases where Relay can help you streamline your development process:

Automated Issue Triage

Efficiently manage and prioritize your GitHub issues by automatically assigning them to the right team members based on predefined rules. With Relay, you can create workflows that automatically categorize incoming issues, assign labels, and notify the relevant stakeholders, enabling your team to respond quickly and efficiently.

Integrating GitHub with other SaaS products can further enhance your development workflows. For example, you can connect GitHub with project management tools like Jira, enabling seamless issue tracking and task management. Or, integrate with communication platforms like Slack to receive real-time notifications about code changes and pull requests.

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