Automate Documint with is an automation tool that’s built for teams. Unlike other automation tools, is built for teams with features like human approvals and collaborative editing.

Relay offers powerful integration capabilities with Documint, automating document generation and distribution without manual intervention. By connecting Documint to your business applications, Relay triggers the creation of documents like contracts, invoices, or reports. Integrate seamlessly with CRMs, ERP systems, or any other SaaS platforms to personalize documents using the latest data, with the added benefit of incorporating AI to enhance text and maintain continual human oversight.

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Streamlined contract creation

Automatically generate personalized contracts using data from your CRM whenever a new deal is won. Relay facilitates the creation of documents in Documint with precise, up-to-date customer details, prepared for review and e-signature processes. Follow up by triggering a sequence of emails for signatures and filing, ensuring contracts are managed efficiently without manual input.

Effortless invoice processing

Relay automates the creation of invoices by integrating your accounting platform with Documint. Each time a sale is recorded or a service is rendered, Relay automatically populates and generates an invoice with all necessary details. It then initiates a workflow for sending the invoice to the customer and updating your finance tracking systems, streamlining the accounts receivable process.

Custom reports on demand

Generate timely, data-driven reports by connecting your business reporting tools with Documint. Relay can be set up to create documents based on schedules or triggered by specific events, such as the end of a financial quarter. Automatically collate data into a pre-designed template, then distribute the report to necessary stakeholders. Advanced AI summarization can be used to provide insights at a glance for busy executives.

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