How to automatically create Google Drive folders for updated Pipedrive deals

As a business owner, you strive to be efficient and organized, but manually creating Google Drive folders when updating Pipedrive deals can slow down your progress. It's time-consuming and increases the risk of errors and inconsistencies in organizing essential documents. With each update, the challenge of ensuring that papers are always in the right place becomes evident, leading to potential delays in accessing crucial information. But imagine a world where your documents automatically find their way to the right place, and your team can access crucial information with a click. That's where Relay comes in. It guarantees a stress-free and streamlined file management process, allowing you to focus on your core business goals. With Relay, you can be confident that your documents are always in their designated spots and eliminate the need for manual shuffling. In this guide, we'll show you how to set this integration up in four easy steps. Let's embrace this automated solution and usher in a stress-free, streamlined file management era.
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Create your Relay playbook

To start coordinating between Pipedrive and Google Drive for your workflow, you need to set up certain steps.

Firstly, sign up for Relay and visit your dashboard. Click the "New playbook" button to start creating a playbook.

Give your playbook a unique name like "Create Google Drive folders for updated Pipedrive deals" and choose a relevant emoji 📥, to help you quickly identify it.


Pipedrive trigger as “Deal updated”

Add the Pipedrive trigger to initiate your playbook's actions before updating leads.

To do this, click "Add trigger" in your playbook. Select the "Deal updated" trigger option from the dropdown menu under Pipedrive. It will enable your playbook to identify newly updated deals and trigger necessary actions automatically.

If you have yet to connect your Pipedrive account to Relay, a prompt will guide you through the connection process.


Add the “Create folder” in Google Drive

Integrate the Google Drive automation to instantly create folders from new Pipedrive deal updates.

Select "Add Step" and search for the "Create folder" automation. Fill in the necessary details, such as the Folder title and Parent folder.

If you still need to connect your Google Drive account to Relay, you will be prompted to complete that connection. Make sure to allow the necessary permissions for Relay to create a folder through your Google Drive account.


Activate your playbook

Activating your playbook is the final step. Once turned on, it will respond to create Google Drive folders for updated Pipedrive deals without manual intervention.

To enable your playbook, click the toggle button located in the header. It is advisable to perform a test run of your playbook beforehand to ensure all steps work seamlessly together.

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