How to automatically send Slack messages to a channel when a new Paddle customer is created is an automation tool that lets you automate actions across Paddle, Slack, and many other apps.
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Set the Paddle trigger as “Customer created”

Add the Paddle trigger to initiate your playbook's actions when a new customer is created.

To do this, click "Add trigger" in your playbook. Select the "Customer created" trigger option from the dropdown menu under Paddle. It will enable your playbook to automatically identify newly created customers and trigger necessary actions.

If you still need to connect your Paddle account to, a prompt will guide you through the connection process.


Add the “Send message” step in Slack

Integrate Slack automation into your playbook to ensure that you receive timely updates when a new Paddle customer is created.

Select "Add Step" and then find the "Send message" automation for Slack. Enter all the required details, including the sender's name, the Slack channel for updates, and the message body containing detailed information.

If you still need to connect your Slack account to, you will be prompted to complete that connection. Ensure that you allow the necessary permissions for to send messages through your Slack account.


Activate your playbook

Activating your playbook is the last step in the process. Once you turn it on, it will automatically send Slack messages to a channel when a new Paddle customer is created without requiring manual intervention.

To activate your playbook, click the toggle button at the header. Before activating, we recommend performing a test run of your playbook to ensure all the steps work seamlessly together.

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