How to get Slack notifications for new Paddle subscriptions

If you're running a SaaS business, you'd probably like to get notified whenever a new customer starts a subscription. If you're using Paddle, you can automate notifications like these with just a few clicks – for example by informing the team via Slack.
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Add a Paddle trigger for 'Subscription created'

The first thing to do after creating a new automation is adding a trigger for Paddle's 'Subscription started' event.


Apply optional filters to the trigger

You may then apply optional filters to the Trigger. For example, if you only want to send notifications whenever a new trial subscription is started, you can add a filter to only trigger new runs when the Status of a new subscription is set to Trial.

Of course there are many other filters you could apply.


Add an action to send a Slack message

Next, add a step to send a Slack message. You can send messages to either a channel or a DM by picking the relevant specific step type.

It's very easy to reference information about the Paddle subscription in your Slack message. Simply click [+ data] and select the fields you want to use. For example, the email address of the customer.


Turn on the automation

Finally, it's time to turn on your new automation. From now on, you'll receive a Slack notification every time a customer starts a new subscription in Paddle! 🙌

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