How to connect CallRail inbound call to a Trello card

This page explains how to monitor new inbound calls from CallRail and to create a new Trello card based on the call information.
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Create your playbook

Your playbook is where you'll set up the steps involved in your CallRail -> Trello automations.

Sign up for Relay to get started if this is your first playbook. Once on the dashboard, click the "New playbook" button, and you are off!

Make sure to give your playbook a clear name & identifiable emoji to help it stand up among the crowd!


Add a CallRail trigger

A trigger is responsible for detecting changes in your connected apps and running your playbook in response.

In this case, the "New inbound call" trigger for CallRail will automatically create new playbook runs whenever a new call from an external customer is received and logged in Callrail.

You will need to pick the CallRail account to listen to. You will also be able to preview past calls that would have started this trigger to make sure your setup is correct.


Create a new Trello card automation

Now, each time CallRail will log a call, a run will start with all the call information.
We will now use a Trello automation to automatically create a Trello card in the Todo Trello board.


Fill Trello card title

Now, we will create a dynamic Trello card title based on the call information e.g. the caller name and phone number.

You can use the @ special character to open a menu to insert any available information. Alternatively, you can use the + insert icon in each field.


Fill more information in the Trello card body

Let's add the tracking phone number and call id in the trello card body.


Turn on the playbook

When you are done with the playbook, don't forget to turn it on to put it to use! You can also click on "Check now" on the trigger to do a manual check whenever you like. Otherwise, this trigger will be automatically triggered when the conditions are met.

Try it for yourself in an interactive sandbox

Click around to try out the template right here. When you’re ready to build your own, click “Try it in Relay.”

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