How to automatically create Intercom tickets for lost Pipedrive deals

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have to create Intercom tickets manually for every lost deal in Pipedrive? This can be time-consuming, involving multiple clicks and repetitive entries, which can be quite frustrating. Moreover, relying on a manual process can delay identifying and resolving issues arising from lost deals. This can lead to missed opportunities to understand what went wrong and take corrective action to prevent similar problems in the future. With Relay, you can instantly create support tickets in Intercom for every lost deal, ensuring timely follow-ups and improved customer relations. In this guide, we’ll show you how to set this integration up in four easy steps so you can focus on what matters - closing deals and growing your business.
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Set the Pipedrive trigger as “Deal lost”

Add the Pipedrive trigger to initiate your playbook's actions.

To do this, click "Add trigger" in your playbook. Select the "Deal lost" trigger option from the dropdown menu under Pipedrive. It will enable your playbook to identify newly changed payments and trigger necessary actions automatically.

If you have yet to connect your Pipedrive account to Relay, a prompt will guide you through the connection process.


Add the “Create ticket” automation in Intercom

Integrate the Intercom automation into your playbook to ensure you an instant generation of tickets if a deal is lost in Pipedrive.

Select "Add Step" and then search for the "Create ticket" automation for Intercom. Fill in all the relevant details, including the ticket type, contact, description, and reproducible or not.

If you still need to connect your Intercom account to Relay, you will be prompted to complete that connection. Make sure to allow the necessary permissions for Relay to create tickets through your Intercom account.


Activate your playbook

Activating your playbook is the last step to automate the loss of deal tickets to Intercom. Once you turn it on, the playbook automatically creates Intercom tickets for lost Pipedrive deals without manual intervention.

To activate your playbook, click the toggle button in the header. Before starting it, we recommend running a test to ensure all the steps work seamlessly together.

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