How to send Slack messages for new Google Forms responses

Set up a Relay playbook to automatically send a message in Slack whenever you receive a new response on your Google Form.
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Add the Google Forms trigger

Every playbook starts with a trigger. The trigger detects changes in your connected apps and runs your playbook in response.

Click "Add trigger" and select "Google Forms - New form response". Then, select a form. If this is your first time using a Google Forms integration in Relay, you'll be prompted to connect your Google Forms account.

Now, every time a new response is submitted in Google Forms, your playbook will run automatically.


Add the Slack Send message automation

Now you can set up the automation to send a message in Slack. Add a new step and select "Send message" from the list of Slack automations.

Connect Slack to Relay if you haven't already, then fill out the necessary details such as Destination channel and Message. You can reference fields from the Google Forms response to automatically include the relevant data in the message.


Turn on the playbook

When you are done with the playbook, it's time to activate it.

The playbook will now run automatically whenever a new response is submitted to the Google Forms waitlist. You can also click "Check now" to perform a manual check whenever you'd like.

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