How to link Airtable records with Pipedrive activities

Have you ever found yourself in a frustrating situation where you have to manage multiple records in Airtable and track various activities in Pipedrive simultaneously, all while trying to keep your sales processes streamlined? It can be daunting to ensure that everything is in sync and up-to-date, especially when dealing with a large volume of data. But with Relay, you can connect new Airtable records with Pipedrive by automatically adding activities for every record created. This feature is perfect for streamlining your CRM processes and updating your sales team. In this guide, we will show you how to set up this integration in four easy steps. Let's get started!
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Create your playbook

To start coordinating between Airtable and Pipedrive for your workflow, you need to set up certain steps.

Firstly, sign up for Relay and visit your dashboard. Click the "New playbook" button to start creating a playbook.

Give your playbook a unique name like "Sync new Airtable records to Pipedrive activities," and select a relevant emoji (such as ✍🏻) to help you find it easily.


Set the Airtable trigger as “Record created”

Add the Airtable trigger to initiate your playbook's actions before creating a record.

To do this, click "Add trigger" in your playbook. Choose the "Record created" trigger from the Airtable options. It will enable your playbook to automatically identify newly created records and trigger necessary actions.

If you have yet to connect your Airtable account to Relay, a prompt will guide you through the connection process.


Add the “Add activity” in Pipedrive

Integrate the Pipedrive automation into your playbook to ensure the prompt adding of activities from Airtable records.

Select "Add step," then locate the "Add activity" automation for Pipedrive, and input the relevant details, such as Deal, Activity type, and Subject.

If your Pipedrive account isn't connected to Relay, you will be prompted to complete that connection. Make sure to allow the necessary permissions for Relay to add activities through your Pipedrive account.


Activate your playbook

Activating your playbook is the last step to automate the creation of activities in Pipedrive for new Airtable records. Once you turn it on, the playbook automatically creates activities in Pipedrive for new Airtable records without manual intervention.

To activate your playbook, click the toggle button in the header. Before starting it, we recommend running a test to ensure all the steps work seamlessly together.

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