How to automatically Add New Rows to a Google Sheet When You Receive an Email in Gmail

Learn how to automatically create new rows in a Google Sheet when you receive new emails in Gmail.
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Create your playbook

To automate this workflow, you'll create a Relay playbook that runs automatically every time you receive an email in Gmail that matches certain criteria.

Get started by signing up at and clicking "New playbook." Give your new playbook a unique name that describes what it does.


Add the Gmail trigger

Every playbook starts with a trigger. The trigger detects changes in your connected apps and runs your playbook in response.

Click "Add trigger" and select "Email received" under Gmail. Then, select filters such as sender, message content, or labels. If this is your first time using a Gmail integration in Relay, you'll be prompted to connect your Gmail account.


Add the Google Sheets Add row automation

Now, you can create the automation to "Add a Row" in Google Sheets.

You can reference fields from Gmail to automatically pass along the right data, and even use AI extract to pull out certain information.


Turn on the playbook

When you are done with the playbook, it's time to turn it on.

The playbook will now run automatically whenever you receive an email in Gmail that matches your criteria. You can also click "Check now" to do a manual check whenever you'd like.

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