How to create contacts in HubSpot for Google Forms submissions

Set up a Relay playbook to automatically create or update contacts in HubSpot from new Google Forms signups.
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Create your playbook

Your playbook is the core of your automation, outlining the sequence of actions triggered by new Tally form submissions.

First, create an account with Relay and navigate to your dashboard. Click on the "New playbook" button to set up your Google Forms to HubSpot workflow. Provide your playbook with a descriptive name, such as 'Google Form Submission to HubSpot Contact'. You can also pick an emoji to make it stand out.


Add the Google Forms trigger

In your 'Google Forms to HubSpot' playbook, the trigger is the event that initiates the automation sequence.

Specifically, the 'New form response' trigger from Google Forms will be set to detect new entries on your form, prompting your playbook to execute its actions accordingly.

To add this trigger, click on 'Add trigger' in your playbook setup. Choose 'New form response' from the list of available Google Forms triggers. When setting it up, you will have to connect your Google Forms account if you haven't already done so, to ensure seamless access to form responses.


Add the HubSpot automation

Within your playbook, steps encapsulate the individual tasks that are carried out each time your playbook runs. Automations are specialized steps that carry out instructed actions within your third-party tools.

For your 'Google Forms to HubSpot' playbook, you'll include a 'Get or create contact' automation step within HubSpot. This step will ensure that each new waitlist signup response from Google Forms is added as a new contact if it didn't exist already in HubSpot.

To integrate this automation within your playbook, click on the "Add step" button, look for the HubSpot integration, and select 'Get or create contact'. You'll then be prompted to fill out the necessary details for the automation. If you haven't yet connected your HubSpot account, you'll be asked to do so at this time.


Turn on your playbook

Activating your playbook is the final step in setting up your automated workflow. Once your playbook is turned on, it will begin to automatically process new signups from your waitlist form in Google Forms and create or update contacts in HubSpot.

To activate your 'Google Forms to HubSpot' playbook, simply click the toggle button located in the header of your playbook's interface. It's recommended to test your playbook before activation to ensure that it operates as expected and that the integration between Google Forms and HubSpot is functioning correctly.

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