How to add Tally form submissions to a Lemlist campaign

This guide will show you how to configure a Relay playbook that takes new signups from a Tally form and adds them directly into a Lemlist campaign, streamlining your email marketing efforts with automation.
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Create your playbook

Your playbook is where you'll define the specific steps for capturing new waitlist signups and funneling them into your Lemlist email campaign.

Begin by signing up for Relay if you haven't already, and navigate to the dashboard. Click on the "New playbook" button to create your first playbook for this workflow.

Assign your playbook a clear and descriptive name such as 'Waitlist Signups to Lemlist Campaign', and select an emoji that best represents the campaign's purpose, like 📬, to help it stand out in your dashboard.


Add the Tally trigger

A trigger is the event that starts your automated workflow in Relay. For this playbook, the 'New form submission' trigger from Tally will detect when someone submits their information on your form, automatically initiating a new run of the playbook.

To set up this trigger, click 'Add trigger' within your playbook. Choose the 'New form submission' trigger specifically designed for Tally. If you haven't already linked your Tally account to Relay, you will be guided through the process of connecting it at this stage.


Add the Lemlist automation

Within your playbook, automations are the steps that actively manage tasks in your integrated tools.

To integrate Lemlist with your playbook, you'll add the 'Add lead to campaign' automation. This action will place new signups from the Tally form directly into the specified Lemlist email campaign.

Select 'Add step' in your playbook editor and search for the 'Add lead to campaign' automation under Lemlist. You'll need to provide the details you've defined for your campaign. If you haven't connected your Lemlist account to Relay yet, you'll do so at this step.


Turn on your playbook

Activating your playbook is the final step to put your automated workflow into action. Once activated, new Tally form submissions will trigger the playbook, automatically adding signups to your chosen Lemlist campaign.

Find the toggle switch at the top of the playbook editor to activate your playbook. It's recommended to test your playbook first to ensure that each step, including the trigger and Lemlist automation, functions correctly. Once you're confident in your setup, turn on the playbook and watch as your email campaign grows with new leads automatically.

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