Lemlist integrations

Lemlist is an email outreach platform that empowers sales teams and marketers to create personalized email campaigns with engaging content. With Relay’s integration, Lemlist users can take their campaign management to new heights by automating lead management and ensuring a seamless interplay between Lemlist and other essential B2B apps. Whether it’s maintaining a human touch in communications or harnessing AI for enhanced personalization, Relay adds value to every step of your email outreach strategy.

Lemlist triggers and automations

Lead replied
Unsubscribed recipient
Add lead to campaign
Pause all campaigns for lead
Remove lead from campaign
Resume all campaigns for lead

Do more with Lemlist and Relay

Optimize Lead Management

Maintain the quality of your outreach by using Relay to automate lead management in Lemlist. Set up a Relay playbook to automatically remove a lead from a campaign when they unsubscribe or automatically pause all campaigns for a lead when they respond, ensuring you're respecting your leads’ communication preferences. When conditions are met, such as a lead being marked as 'cold', you can have Relay resume campaigns for them.

Enhance Email Personalization

Use Relay to enrich Lemlist campaigns with AI-powered content generation, providing a personalized touch without manual effort. Relay can take data such as user behavior or lead attributes from integrated apps and use that information to draft personalized follow-ups or introductions. Relay’s AI assistance can craft email content that resonates with your recipients, making them feel valued and increasing the likelihood of positive engagement.

Streamline Campaign Collaborations

Facilitate collaborative campaign creation and management in Lemlist with Relay’s multiplayer features. Workflow automation isn’t just about tech syncing; it’s also about people syncing. Use Roles to delegate the review and approval of critical communications, or even the addition of leads to campaigns, based on team expertise. As a result, campaigns are enriched with collective intelligence and move forward quickly and accurately.

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