How to set up a follow-up email for new Tally form submissions is an automation tool that lets you automate actions across Gmail, Tally, and many other apps. In this guide, we'll show you how to automatically send email in Gmail for each new form submission in Tally using
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Add the Tally trigger

Every playbook begins with a trigger, which detects changes in your connected apps and initiates the execution of your playbook.

Click "Add trigger" and choose the "New form submission" option under Tally. Then, choose the specific form you want to track. If this is your first time using a Tally integration in Relay, you will need to connect your Tally account.

Now, every time there's a new form submission in Tally, your playbook will run automatically.


Add the Gmail Send an email automation

Now you can send an email to the form submitter through Gmail. Add a new step and select "Send an email" from the Gmail automation options.

Provide the required details, such as the recipient's address, which is the email of the individual who filled out the Tally form, and the email subject and body. You can reference fields from other steps in the playbook to automatically populate details into the email from Gmail.


Turn on the playbook

When you have completed setting up the playbook, it's time to activate it.

The playbook will now run automatically whenever a new form submission is received in Tally. Additionally, you have the option to click "Check now" to manually initiate a check whenever you prefer.

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