How to create a HubSpot contact from a Tally form submission

Discover how to automate the process of capturing new submissions from Tally forms and using them to create contacts in your HubSpot CRM.
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Create your playbook

Your playbook is the core of your automation, outlining the sequence of actions triggered by new Tally form submissions.

First, create an account with Relay and navigate to your dashboard. Click on the "New playbook" button to set up your Tally to HubSpot workflow. Provide your playbook with a descriptive name, such as 'Tally Submission to HubSpot Contact'. You can also pick an emoji to make it stand out.


Add the Tally trigger

A trigger is the event that starts your playbook, and for this workflow, you'll use the Tally 'New form submission' trigger.

Within your playbook, click on "Add trigger" and choose the 'New form submission' option from the list of Tally-specific triggers. This will ensure that each time a form is submitted in Tally, a new playbook run is initiated. If you haven't already connected your Tally account, you'll be prompted to do so during this step. Follow the instructions to establish the connection, ensuring your playbook can communicate with Tally.


Add the HubSpot automation

Within your playbook, the steps define the sequence of automations triggered during each run. For this particular workflow, the key step is the HubSpot 'Get or create contact' automation.

To add this step, click the "Add step" button in your playbook editor and locate the 'Get or create contact' automation within the HubSpot section. Fill in the necessary details using either hardcoded information or variables pulled from the Tally form submission. It may be required to connect to your HubSpot account if not previously done, so follow the prompts to ensure proper setup.


Turn on your playbook

Activating your playbook is the final step in automating your workflow. Once your playbook is turned on, it will begin to automatically process new Tally form submissions and create or update contacts in HubSpot as configured.

To activate your playbook, click on the toggle button located in the header of the playbook editor. It's a good practice to test your playbook first to verify that each step behaves as expected. Testing can help you ensure that the data from Tally submissions is accurately captured and that contacts in HubSpot are correctly retrieved or created.

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