Onboarding Employees

A new team member – exciting! But now commence the process headache that follows: Setting up their email, getting them a laptop, connecting them to all of the systems they’ll need, making sure their payroll information is in place, and more – this can be as many as 50 steps for each employee!

This short guide will show how you can set up Relay to onboard employees more efficiently and effectively. Watch the demo video to see how it works, and try out the template to get up and running!

Step 1: Complete the basics

  • Start your Relay playbook manually when it’s time to onboard an employee. Advanced Tip: Trigger onboarding automatically from your ATS (Greenhouse, Lever, Ashby, etc).
  • Begin by automatically sending them important documents to sign like an NDA, offer letter, privacy notices, HR platform requirements, equipment policy, etc. Advanced Tip: Use conditions to only send steps that are required for the location and role type of the candidate.
  • Kickoff a background check if you leverage them for your company and this role type.
Step 1: Complete the basics

Step 2: Set up their accounts and add them to necessary resources

  • Provision accounts for any tools you leverage (like Figma, Github, Ramp, etc.). Advanced Tip: Use conditions to only provide access to the tools they need for their specific role type.
  • Automatically add them to all of the Google Groups, Slack channels, and meetings they should be a part of.
Step 2: Set up their accounts and add them to necessary resources

Step 3: Welcome them and get them started!

  • Notify their manager and buddy to send them welcome emails. Advanced Tip: Use templated welcome emails but require a review step so that the manager and buddy can personalize the emails before they go out to the new team member.
  • Create a copy of a getting started guide template and have their manager populate it with all of the important information for their role. Send it to the employee once completed.
  • Remind the employee to complete any remaining onboarding paperwork once they’ve joined (like I-9s, 83(b) Cover Letters, stock option documentation, etc).
Step 3: Welcome them and get them started!

How to set up the Onboarding Employees Template

If you’re ready to use Relay for onboarding employees, get started with the playbook here.

It will only take 5 minutes to set up and save you much more than that every time you have an employee to onboard. Once you import the template, here’s what you’ll need to do to get it running:

  1. Check all of the steps and add and remove ones that are or are not a part of your company’s onboarding process.
  2. Customize the manager welcome email, buddy email, ordering a computer email, and any other communications to be in the tone of your organization.
  3. Edit all of the tools, groups, and channels you want to add them to so they join the ones that are the most important for your organization.
  4. Link your own getting started guide template that includes all of the key information you want new hires to have.
  5. Test out the playbook with yourself as a sample new employee.

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