Offboarding Employees

It's a fact of business that team members sometimes need to move on to new things. When it happens, it's important to handle all of the logistics carefully to ensure the transition goes smoothly. But it can be hard to remember exactly what those offboarding steps are so that they can be done in a timely manner.

This short guide will show how you can set up Relay to offboard employees in an organized way. Watch the demo video to see how it works, and try out the template to get up and running!

Step 1: Transfer Knowledge, Documents, & Events

  • Start your Relay playbook by manually starting a run when you are ready to begin offboarding an employee.
  • Automatically create a copy of the offboarding guide. Advanced Tip: Use a Relay form to customize some of the key details for the document (like employee name, email, end date, etc.) and have them automatically populate in the guide.
  • Assign the employee that is being offboarded the task to fill in the offboarding guide document template that you created. Plus, assign manual tasks for key transfers like documents, calendar events, etc.
Step 1: Transfer Knowledge, Documents, & Events

Step 2: Confirm Final Payroll & Benefits

  • Check if all of their outstanding hours have been paid and/or that their final paycheck is slated to go out at the appropriate date. Advanced Tip: You can include conditions so that the appropriate action is taken based on the employee role type.
  • Add steps for any other benefit closures to make sure each of the appropriate final benefits have been confirmed and then canceled after their departure.
  • Remove all of their software account access and any other systems your team uses.
Step 2: Confirm Final Payroll & Benefits

Step 3: Exit Interview & Final Goodbye

  • Relay will notify the manager that it’s time to conduct an exit interview and can automatically create a notes document from a template that the manager can modify.
  • Automatically send an offboarding email on their last day with key reminders like turning in their hardware, deleting confidential information, and keeping this confidential moving forward.
  • Use Relay as a checklist with all of the accounts you need to deactivate and remove access to.
Step 3: Exit Interview & Final Goodbye

How to set up the Offboarding Employees Template

If you’re ready to use Relay for offboarding employees, get started with the playbook here.

It will only take 5 minutes to set up and save you much more than that every time you have an employee to offboard. Once you import the template, here’s what you’ll need to do to get it running:

  1. Create your own templates for the offboarding guide and the exit interview scripts and link them in the appropriate steps.
  2. Customize the offboarding email that is sent out on their last day.
  3. Modify the list of benefit and software platforms you want to remember to remove access to.
  4. Test out the playbook with a demo account as a sample employee to offboard.

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