March 2023 Changelog: Product ops, forms spotlight, and more

Thijs van As
Thijs van As
Founding Head of Product

March flew by! Over the past weeks we've been focused on making Relay great for Product Ops use cases like managing launch processes, user research planning, project management, and more.

We also shipped a whole bunch of new features and customer requests including new integrations with tools like Linear, Jira, Salesforce, Notion, Google Workspace and Slack.

If you're interested in using Relay for Product Ops, we'd love to do a personal demo to show what Relay can do for you. Just pick a time here!

💡 Use case: Product Ops

We regularly get asked how we use Relay ourselves.

This short video shows how we use Relay to run our own continuous discovery process—specifically how we welcome new users and organize user studies.

✨ Spotlight: Forms

Forms are a powerful feature, and essential in many playbooks. Forms let you gather information from an assignee during a run, then reference and use that information in tasks and automations later in the flow!

Example: In a customer onboarding playbook, assign a form to a Customer Success Lead to gather information about the new customer and assign a CSM. Relevant tasks will then be automatically assigned to the newly assigned CSM.

Setting up a form is as easy as clicking “Add a form” on a task. From there, select the inputs that you need from the assignee.

Assignees are notified via email and/or Slack when there’s a form ready for them to fill out. Naturally they can fill it out in Relay, but what’s even easier is filling it out right from the interactive Slack message – this has proven to be an incredible time saver!

🚀 Changelog

Here is the full list of product updates that we shipped in March. We love to hear your feature requests and we respond to every one of them – just send a note with your request to me via!

💙 = team favorite

🦾 Core functionality

  • 💙 Nudging: message task assignees with a personal nudge outside of the regular notifications they receive from Relay (see gif below)
  • 💙 Templated variants for email & Slack messages
  • Custom date formatting
  • Support for date offsets when using date variables

🤖 New Automations

  • Jira: Create issue
  • Jira: Update issue
  • Jira: Add comment to issue
  • Linear: Create issue
  • Linear: Update issue
  • Linear: Add comment to issue
  • Google Drive: Copy a doc now supports folder selection
  • 💙 Google Docs: Replace {{placeholders}} in docs
  • Google Slides: Replace {{placeholders}} in slides
  • Notion: Replace {{placeholders}} in page
  • Slack: Rename channel
  • Google Groups: Create group
  • Google Groups: Add person to group

🎬 New Triggers

  • Salesforce: Record changed (contact, lead, opportunity)
  • Jira: Issue created
  • Jira: Issue status changed
  • Jira: Issue field value [changed/added/removed]
  • Email to trigger+<unique_token>@tryrelay

🤩 Usability & experience updates

  • 💙 Introduced a left navigation for improved navigation
  • 💙 A brand new Inbox (evolution of “Your Tasks”)
  • Significant performance improvements – even when you have thousands of runs
  • Usability improvements of the rich text editor for email and slack messages
  • Visual improvements to Slack notifications coming from Relay

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