September 2023 Changelog: AI Autofill and guided workflows

Thijs van As
Thijs van As
Founding Head of Product

In September we've significantly expanded the capabilities of AI Autofill! You can now use AI Autofill for a number of new use cases as part of your automated workflows, like:

  • Generate suggested text paragraphs in templated chat/email messages
  • Summarize content from any source (e.g. a notion page or the body of an email)
  • Extract specific information from any source of text (like a street address, price or due date)
  • Classify content to make AI-driven conditional workflows with Paths

And of course there's more. Below is the full list of updates. Don't hesitate to send me a note via if you have any questions, suggestions or feature requests!

As usual, team favorites are marked with a 💙

🦾 Core functionality

  • 💙 AI Autofill: 1-click AI assistance anywhere
    • AI Generate
    • AI Summarize
    • AI Extract
    • AI Classify for Path selection
  • Test playbooks right from the editor

🤩 Usability & experience updates

  • 💙 Revamped date & resource pickers
  • Guided playbook experience based on use case
  • Significant Hubspot performance improvements
  • 💙 Added external guest filter to Calendar automations
  • Added Epic-type filter to Jira integrations
  • Many usability improvements across the editor

🤖 New Automations

  • GitHub: Invite user to team
  • GitHub: Remove user from team
  • Google Tasks - Create Task
  • Greenhouse: Create Candidate Note
  • Apollo: Create/Update contact
  • Salesforce: Attach file to opportunity
  • Tremendous: Send reward

🎬 New Triggers

  • Gmail: Email sent
  • Greenhouse: Application Reaches Job Stage
  • Intercom: New Ticket
  • Notion: New Database item
  • New Form Submission
  • Webflow: form submission

🗃️ New Data sources

  • GitHub: Get user

Finally, Relay is now an official HubSpot app.

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