Changelog (May 2023)

Thijs van As
Thijs van As
Founding Head of Product

Below is the full list of product updates we shipped in May, including new integrations with Greenhouse and Intercom. Team favorites are marked with 💙. A special callout to the new Activity tab, which helps playbook owners track and diagnose events across playbook runs. As always, if you have any feature requests just send a note to me via!

🦾 Core functionality

  • 💙 Revamped out-of-box experience
  • 💙 New table view to view progress across many simultaneous runs
  • 💙 New Activity tab to track events across playbook runs
  • Start new runs from Slack via the /relay shortcut
  • Webhook triggers are now accessible as data sources
  • Streamlined tab navigation between runs list and edit view

🤖 New Automations

  • Gmail: Reply to email thread
  • Gmail: Save a draft
  • 💙 Greenhouse: Create candidate application
  • Greenhouse: Schedule interview
  • 💙 Intercom: Create and update tasks
  • Linear: Wait for task completion event
  • Asana: Instantiate project from template
  • Slack: Update channel topic + description

🎬 New Triggers

  • Linear: Issue status change

🤩 Usability & experience updates

  • Easily add sections between other sections
  • Better explanations for automation failures in runs
  • Navigation in the task dialog to traverse tasks
  • Improved task start conditions picker
  • Improved publish changes experience
  • Improved automation menu usability
  • Run-specific overrides for all automation types

And one more thing, we're now at 🎉 (formerly

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