Changelog (August 2023)

Thijs van As
Thijs van As
Founding Head of Product

Below is the full list of product updates we shipped in August. I cannot be more excited about all the usability improvements and new integrations we shipped this month! A complete redesign of the playbook creation experience that makes it incredibly easy to leverage AI Autofill with any automation.

Plus: we shipped 45 🤯 new integrations with apps like Affinity, Intercom, Typeform, Notion and Pipedrive. Team favorites are marked with 💙. As always, if you have any feature requests just send a note to me via! August 2023 redesign featuring AI Autofill

🦾 Core functionality

  • 💙 AI Autofill: one-click AI assistance with any automation ✨
  • 💙 Paths: conditional sections made easy
  • 💙 Testin experience (much requested!)

🤩 Usability & experience updates

  • 💙 A complete redesign of the playbook creation experience
  • Various usability improvements to the dashboard

🤖 New Automations

  • Affinity: Create note
  • Ashby: Create interview schedule
  • Google Calendar: Update event
  • Hubspot: Create note
  • Intercom: Add note to ticket
  • Pipedrive: Add activity to lead
  • Pipedrive: Add activity to deal
  • Pipedrive: Get or add person
  • Pipedrive: Create deal
  • Pipedrive: Get or create organization
  • Salesforce: Update case
  • Salesforce: Add contact to campaign
  • Tempo: Generate project report

🎬 New Triggers

  • Callrail: New inbound call
  • Callrail: New outbound call
  • Chargebee: New Subscription
  • Fireflies: New meeting transcript
  • Hubspot: New form submission
  • Hubspot: Ticket status changed
  • Salesforce: Case Created
  • Typeform: Form submission received
  • Zoom: Participant registers for event

🗃️ New Data sources

  • Affinity: Get person
  • Affinity: Get note
  • Asana: Get task
  • Ashby: Get application
  • Callrail: Get account
  • Chargebee: Get customer
  • Chargebee: Get subscription
  • Google Calendar: Get event
  • Google Docs: Get document
  • Google Drive: Get file
  • Google Sheets: Get spreadsheet
  • Google Sheets: Get row
  • Google Slides: Get presentation
  • Greenhouse: Get application
  • Helpscout: Get conversation
  • Intercom: Get contact
  • Lever: Get opportunity
  • Notion: Get page
  • Salesforce: Get case record
  • Salesforce: Get campaign record
  • Typeform: Get form
  • Zoom: Get event
  • Zoom: Get ticket

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