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Integrating Google Drive and Gmail

Gmail and Google Drive are powerful productivity tools on their own, but when combined with Relay, the possibilities are endless. With Relay's collaborative workflow automation platform, you can seamlessly connect and automate tasks between these two apps, saving time and streamlining your workflow.

Streamline Email Attachments

Create automated workflows that save email attachments directly to Google Drive. Whenever you receive an attachment in Gmail, Relay can automatically save it to a designated folder in Google Drive. This ensures that all your important files are organized and accessible, without the need for manual intervention.

Share Google Drive Files via Email

Automate the process of sharing Google Drive files via email. Relay can monitor specific folders in Google Drive and automatically send an email with a link to the file whenever a new file is added. This eliminates the need to manually send emails and improves collaboration by providing instant access to files.

Archive Emails with Attachments

Set up workflows to automatically archive emails with attachments to Google Drive. By archiving attachments, you can reduce clutter in your Gmail inbox while still keeping important information easily accessible in Google Drive.

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