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Integrating Zendesk and Intercom

With Relay's powerful integration capabilities, you can effortlessly combine the functionalities of Intercom and Zendesk to streamline your customer support and communication processes. By integrating these two popular SaaS apps, you unlock a multitude of possibilities for enhancing productivity and creating a seamless workflow for your team.

Enhanced Customer Support

Combine the power of Intercom's live chat and Zendesk's ticketing system to provide a superior customer support experience. Automatically convert Intercom chat conversations into Zendesk tickets, ensuring that customer inquiries are promptly addressed and tracked.

Unified Communication

Eliminate the need for toggling between multiple communication platforms by integrating Intercom and Zendesk. Sync customer conversations and support tickets between the two apps, enabling your team to effortlessly collaborate and provide consistent and efficient communication across all channels.

AI-powered Personalization

Leverage Relay's AI Autofill feature to enhance personalization in customer interactions. Utilize an AI model, such as GPT, to dynamically fill out information in both Intercom and Zendesk. Create customized email responses, automated support tickets, and personalized communication that resonates with your customers.

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