Closing Candidates

You’ve sourced the candidate, you’ve gone through the entire interview process, and you’ve given the offer. So you’re done, right? Far from it. From counter offers from their current employer, to exciting new offers from other companies, to getting cold feet, there are many ways things can fall apart in the final hours.

This short guide will show how you can use Relay to close candidates more efficiently. Watch the demo video to see how it works, and try out the interviewing template with has a section on closing to get up and running!

Step 1: Send a closing email

  • Immediately following the verbal offer, send your most compelling email to close the candidate. Start with a template that covers arguments that are true for every candidate - the learning, growth, fun, and impact they’ll have working with you - and add a personal touch to customize the message to each candidate.
Step 1: Send a closing email

Step 2: Rally your team and supporters to welcome the candidate

  • Set up an automation to send a Slack message to the channel of teammates responsible for interviewing the candidate to let them know an offer has been extended and to ask them to send a note of encouragement to the candidate.
  • Send a templated email to your investors and/or other supporters asking them to reach out to the candidate to send further encouragement to join.
Step 2: Rally your team and supporters to welcome the candidate

Step 3: Act as if you’re working together

  • Invite the candidate to team meetings and Slack conversations.
  • Share key documents and email updates.
  • If the candidate declines the offer, keep them warm for the future, but if they accept, keep pulling them into more and more of the team’s cadence as you build towards their first day.
Step 3: Act as if you’re working together

How to set up the Closing Candidates Template

If you’re ready to use Relay for closing candidates, get started with the playbook for interviewing which includes a section on closing here.

It will only take 5 minutes to set up and save you much more than that every time you hope to close a candidate. Once you import the template, here’s what you’ll need to do to get it running:

  1. Write your own template email that you want to send to close a candidate and include any relevant information about your company.
  2. Customize the list of investors and supporters you want to loop in to send encouragement and edit the email you want to go out to them.
  3. Test out the playbook with yourself as an example candidate.

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