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Integrating Trello and Intercom

Relay makes it easy to integrate your favorite SaaS apps, such as Intercom and Trello, to streamline your workflows and boost collaboration. By combining the power of these two platforms with Relay's unique features, you can automate and enhance your processes like never before.

Streamline Customer Support

With the Intercom and Trello integration, Relay allows you to automate the creation of Trello cards for customer support tickets received in Intercom. This ensures that no customer inquiries are left unattended, while providing a centralized platform for your support team to manage and resolve issues efficiently.

Automate Task Management

By integrating Intercom and Trello with Relay's workflow automation, you can automatically create Trello cards for new leads or customer feedback gathered in Intercom. This enables your team to prioritize and manage tasks effectively, ensuring timely follow-up and fostering seamless communication across departments.

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