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Pipedrive + Notion Integrations

Relay.app provides seamless integration between popular SaaS applications, allowing you to automate and streamline your workflows. One powerful integration is between Pipedrive and Notion, enabling you to effortlessly connect the two apps.

Example Pipedrive + Notion workflows

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Automatically add page to database in Notion for each deal stage changed in Pipedrive

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Add activity to deal automatically in Pipedrive for each page added in Notion

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Update page automatically in Notion for each deal closed in Pipedrive

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Create page automatically in Notion for each deal won in Pipedrive

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Automatically append to page in Notion for each deal lost in Pipedrive

Create your own Pipedrive + Notion integration

Connect Pipedrive to Notion

Select a trigger in Pipedrive
Select an action in Notion
Create your workflow

Or, connect Notion to Pipedrive

Select a trigger in Notion
Select an action in Pipedrive
Create your workflow

Do more with Pipedrive and Notion in Relay.app

Relay is the perfect tool to bridge the gap between Notion and Pipedrive, enabling seamless collaboration, automation, and AI-powered workflows. With Relay, you can effortlessly integrate these two powerful apps, unleashing the full potential of your team's productivity.

Streamline Lead Management

Combine the power of Notion's flexible database and Pipedrive's robust CRM to create a streamlined lead management process. Automatically sync new leads from Notion to Pipedrive, ensuring that no potential customer falls through the cracks.

Personalized Customer Communication

Utilize Relay's Double Check Automations feature to enhance your communication with customers. With AI Autofill, Relay can pull relevant information from Pipedrive and automatically fill in personalized content for emails sent through Notion. Delight your customers with personalized messages at scale.

Experience the power of Relay in integrating Notion and Pipedrive for your business. Sign up for a free trial today and explore the endless possibilities of automation, collaboration, and AI integration.

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