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Automate and streamline your HubSpot and Jira workflows with Relay. Relay lets you connect multiple apps seamlessly, no coding required.

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Cross-team workflow automation

Many teams run customer operations out of HubSpot, and engineering operations out of Jira. Building automated workflows across the two apps is a great way to effortlessly keep information in sync, reduce manual data entry, and improve information sharing across customer and engineering teams. With Relay, you can easily share information between HubSpot and Jira and automate issue creation and tracking across the two platforms.

Streamlined issue management

Relay is a great way to streamline issue management across HubSpot and Jira. Ensure new issues are addressed promptly by automatically creating Jira tickets from forms submitted through Hubspot. Keep your team’s work synchronized across both platforms by updating Jira issues automatically based on updates in Hubspot.

Add a personal touch

Relay makes it easy to move information between HubSpot and Jira automatically. Wherever you need to reference customer information, just insert variables to make sure the latest information is inserted automatically. However, there are some automations that will always need some human input before they run. If you need to add a custom notes field or priority to an issue, for example, just enable Double Check to have a reviewer input those fields before the automation runs.

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