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Integrating Google Slides and Jira

Relay offers a seamless integration between Google Slides and Jira, enabling users to streamline their workflow and enhance collaboration. By combining the power of these two popular apps with Relay's workflow automation platform, teams can improve efficiency and achieve better results. With Relay, you can create custom automations that connect Google Slides and Jira to automate repetitive tasks, eliminate manual data entry, and ensure data accuracy. Here are some exciting use cases that demonstrate the potential of this integration:

Use Case 1: Streamline Project Presentations

With Relay, you can automatically generate Google Slides presentations based on Jira project data. This allows project managers to easily showcase project progress, metrics, and updates in a visually compelling way. Automate the creation of project presentations and save valuable time and effort.

Use Case 2: Centralize Issue Tracking

Relay enables you to synchronize Jira issues with Google Slides to create visual representations of issue status and progress. By visualizing project issues, you can gain better insights into your team's performance and identify bottlenecks or areas for improvement.

Use Case 3: Collaborative Project Planning

By integrating Google Slides and Jira with Relay, you can create dynamic project planning templates in Slides that automatically pull in data from Jira. This allows multiple stakeholders to collaborate on project plans, assign tasks, and track progress in real-time, ensuring everyone is aligned and on the same page.

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