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Integrating Pipedrive and Calendly

Relay offers seamless integration between Calendly and Pipedrive, enabling you to streamline your scheduling and CRM processes. By connecting these popular apps, you can automate tasks, eliminate manual data entry, and improve collaboration between your scheduling and sales teams.

Automated Lead Follow-Up

With Relay, you can automatically create a lead in Pipedrive whenever a new meeting is scheduled in Calendly. This ensures that all your leads are promptly added to your sales pipeline, reducing the chance of missed opportunities. Additionally, you can trigger personalized email follow-ups using Relay's double check automations and AI Autofill, providing a personalized touch to your communication.

Sales Meeting Insights

By integrating Calendly and Pipedrive in Relay, you can capture valuable data from your sales meetings. Relay's AI Autofill can extract key discussion points, action items, and customer feedback from meeting recordings or notes, automatically updating Pipedrive CRM. This enables your sales team to easily track and follow up on important meeting details.

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