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Integrating Trello and Calendly

Combine the power of Calendly and Trello with Relay's collaborative workflow automation platform. With Relay, you can seamlessly integrate these two popular apps and streamline your productivity. Whether you want to automate scheduling or manage project tasks, Relay has got you covered.

By integrating Calendly and Trello, you can create a workflow that automatically adds new Calendly appointments as cards in a Trello board, keeping you organized and ensuring no task goes unnoticed. You can also use Relay's double check automations to have a human review and customize the information before it is added to Trello, ensuring accuracy and personalization.

Schedule Follow-Up Meetings

With Relay, you can easily set up a workflow that creates Trello cards for follow-up meetings scheduled through Calendly. This helps you keep track of important meetings and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

Track Project Progress

To track the progress of a project, you can use Relay to automatically create Trello cards whenever a milestone is reached in Calendly. This allows you to effectively manage and monitor project tasks and milestones, keeping everyone on the same page.

Personalize Email Notifications

Relay enables you to personalize email notifications to event attendees by pulling information from Calendly and seamlessly integrating it with Trello. This adds a personalized touch to your communication and enhances customer engagement.

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