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Integrating Jira and CallRail

Relay offers seamless integration between CallRail and Jira, allowing you to streamline your workflow and improve collaboration between your marketing and development teams.

With Relay's powerful automation capabilities, you can connect CallRail and Jira to automate tasks, share information, and keep everyone in sync. Here are some use cases where you can leverage the integration between CallRail and Jira:

CallRail Lead Tracking

By integrating CallRail with Jira, you can automatically create Jira tickets for incoming leads from phone calls. This ensures that every lead is captured and assigned to the relevant team for follow-up. You can also track the progress of each lead within Jira, enabling you to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Jira Issue Resolution

With the CallRail-Jira integration, you can link CallRail call recordings to Jira issues, making it easy to listen to customer conversations directly from Jira. This helps your development team gain valuable context and insights when working on bug fixes or feature enhancements.

Unlock the full potential of the CallRail and Jira integration with Relay's unique features, such as double checking automations and AI autofill. Try Relay for free today and experience a seamless workflow automation journey.

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