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Integrating Google Forms and GitHub

Relay allows you to seamlessly integrate two popular apps, GitHub and Google Forms, to enhance your productivity and streamline your workflows. By combining the power of these two tools, you can automate various processes, collaborate efficiently, and gather data effortlessly.

With Relay, you can create a range of use cases that leverage the features of both GitHub and Google Forms. Here are some specific suggestions:

Automate Issue Creation

By integrating GitHub and Google Forms in Relay, you can automate the creation of GitHub issues based on form submissions. This streamlines your bug tracking and issue management process, ensuring that all reported issues are logged in GitHub for easy tracking and resolution.

Trigger Workflow on PR Merge

Relay allows you to trigger custom workflows in response to a pull request being merged in GitHub. By connecting Google Forms with this workflow, you can gather feedback and approvals from stakeholders using a form, ensuring that your team has a streamlined and organized process for handling pull requests.

Generate Release Notes

With Relay, you can automatically generate release notes for your GitHub projects. By combining Google Forms, you can collect the necessary information from various stakeholders, such as new features, bug fixes, and enhancements. This eliminates manual effort and ensures accurate and up-to-date release notes.

These are just a few examples of what you can achieve by integrating GitHub and Google Forms with Relay. And the best part? Relay offers seamless integration with a wide range of other popular SaaS products, giving you endless possibilities to automate and enhance your workflows.

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