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Integrating Jira and GitHub

Relay brings together the power of GitHub and Jira, allowing you to seamlessly integrate these two popular apps and enhance your workflow automation. With Relay, you can combine the collaboration features of GitHub with the project management capabilities of Jira, creating a unified experience for your team. Here are some exciting use cases that highlight the potential of this integration:

Streamline Bug Tracking and Resolution

By connecting GitHub and Jira through Relay, you can automate the process of creating Jira issues for bug reports in GitHub. This ensures that no bug falls through the cracks and enables your team to track and resolve issues efficiently.

Automated Release Management

With Relay, you can automate the release management process by connecting GitHub's pull requests and Jira's ticketing system. This integration allows you to automatically create release tickets in Jira when a pull request is merged, ensuring smooth coordination between development and release teams.

Improve Code Review Processes

Relay enables you to automate code review processes by integrating GitHub and Jira. You can automatically create Jira tickets for code review requests, assign them to the appropriate team members, and track the status of each code review. This streamlines the code review process and ensures that feedback is efficiently addressed.

By leveraging the power of Relay, you can not only integrate GitHub and Jira but also connect them with other SaaS products, such as Slack or Zendesk, to further enhance your automation capabilities. Try Relay for free today and unlock the full potential of seamless workflow automation across your favorite apps.

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