Brevo Integrations is an automation tool that lets you automate actions across apps. Unlike other automation tools, lets you add human approvals and decisions to any automated workflow.

Integrate Brevo with to orchestrate complex workflows involving contact management across various platforms. With's automation capabilities, you can sync contact information and activities between Brevo and leading business tools. Create dynamic, responsive workflows that update contacts in Brevo when specific triggers occur in other apps like Gmail, Slack, or HubSpot all without writing a single line of code.

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Enhanced Contact Onboarding

As soon as a new contact is added in your business email or LinkedIn network, can ensure that the information is captured and recorded in Brevo. Using the 'contact added' trigger, the platform updates or creates a new contact in Brevo, keeping your records up-to-date and comprehensive without manual entry.

Synchronized Contact Updates

Keep Brevo contacts in lock-step with your customer touchpoints. can monitor changes in interaction or status from other platforms like your helpdesk or marketing tools and automatically reflect these updates in Brevo. For instance, if a contact's status changes in a support ticket system, can update that contact in Brevo, ensuring unified data across platforms.

Automated Contact Enrichment

With, you can auto-enrich Brevo contact profiles when additional information is sourced from external apps. For instance, when registering a contact for a webinar via a tool like Zoom or Eventbrite, can populate additional details directly into the respective contact’s profile in Brevo, saving time and providing richer context for your team.

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