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Integrating Salesforce and Linear

Relay offers seamless integration between Linear and Salesforce, allowing you to create powerful workflows that leverage the capabilities of both applications. With Relay, you can automate and streamline your business processes by connecting Linear and Salesforce in a way that suits your unique needs. Here are some use cases that demonstrate the possibilities of combining Linear and Salesforce with Relay.

Lead Management

Leveraging the integration between Linear and Salesforce, you can automate lead management processes. Whenever a new lead is added to Salesforce, Relay can automatically create a task in Linear for your team to follow up. This ensures that no lead slips through the cracks and enables your team to provide timely and personalized responses.

Opportunity Tracking

By integrating Linear and Salesforce with Relay, you can improve opportunity tracking. Whenever an opportunity stage changes in Salesforce, Relay can update the corresponding task in Linear. This keeps your workflow organized and ensures that your team stays on top of each opportunity's progress.

Collaboration and Feedback

Relay enables seamless collaboration and feedback between Linear and Salesforce. You can create workflows that involve both applications, allowing your team to collaborate on projects and gather feedback within Linear while keeping all data synced with Salesforce.

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