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From chatbots to feedback loops: Mastering customer experience automation

Discover how Customer Experience Automation (CXA) can transform your business by enhancing service speed and efficiency, setting you apart in a competitive market where exceptional customer experience is the key to loyalty and success.

Customer service automation 101: benefits, examples, and top apps

Discover everything you need to know about customer service automation, and explore the top eight customer service automation platforms to elevate your customer support strategy.

5 processes every Customer Success team should automate

Discover the key to scaling your customer success efforts efficiently in our guide. Learn how to enhance customer interactions through automation while preserving the essential human touch in critical areas.

12 marketing automation tools to skyrocket your campaigns

Looking to get more out of your limited marketing resources? These marketing automation tools will help.

The best form automation software in 2024

Looking to streamline your workflow and reduce your workload? Form automation software transforms tedious manual processes into streamlined, automatic workflows, saving time and reducing errors

From notes to relationships: How to build a powerful CRM in Notion

Learn to leverage Notion's flexibility for improved lead tracking, team collaboration, and actionable insights, all in one intuitive platform.

Supercharge your schedule: How to automate Calendly like a pro

In this article we break down the three main methods of automating Calendly: workflows, native integrations, and through third-party software like

10 Google Calendar automations you need to try

Run your work-life on autopilot with these Google Calendar automations.

Everything you need to know about Coda automations

This article covers everything you need to know about Coda automation—from setting them up natively to buying "packs" or connecting with a third-party workflow tool like

10 great Asana automations to simplify task tracking

Unlock the full potential of Asana with, seamlessly integrating and automating your project management workflows.

7 Airtable automations for maximum productivity

Airtable automations are great, but they fall short when it comes to integrating with the rest of your tech stack. In this post, we look at how to level-up your Airtable automations with

14 automations to maximise your Google Sheets productivity

An automated Google Sheet can often replace multiple business processes and tools. Here's a guide—and a bunch of examples—to show that sometimes a simple spreadsheet is all you need.