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Integrating Salesforce and Google Docs

Relay provides seamless integration between Google Docs and Salesforce, allowing you to combine the power of both apps to streamline your workflow. With Relay, you can automate tasks and bridge the gap between document collaboration and customer relationship management. Here are some use cases that showcase the potential of this integration:

Streamline Proposal Creation

Create a Google Docs template for sales proposals and automatically populate it with client information from Salesforce. The template can be customized using Relay's double check automations, giving you the flexibility to review and personalize each proposal before it is sent out.

Improve Team Collaboration

Leverage Google Docs as a collaborative workspace for your sales team. With Relay's AI Autofill feature, you can automatically generate meeting minutes or reports based on data from Salesforce. The AI model can intelligently fill in relevant information, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Enhance Customer Support

Integrate Google Docs with Salesforce to enhance customer support workflows. Use Relay's AI Autofill to automatically generate support tickets in Salesforce based on customer inquiries received in a Google Docs form. This enables speedy ticket creation and ensures that all customer interactions are properly logged in your CRM.

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