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Integrating Google Slides and Google Docs

Relay enables seamless integration between Google Docs and Google Slides, unlocking a range of possibilities for streamlined collaboration and document automation. By combining the power of these two popular productivity tools with Relay's advanced capabilities, users can create efficient workflows and automate repetitive tasks.

Automated Template Creation

Relay's integration with Google Docs and Google Slides allows users to automatically generate custom templates. By leveraging Relay's AI Autofill feature, users can populate templates with relevant content from CRM systems or other data sources, reducing manual data entry and increasing efficiency.

Content Review and Approval

Relay simplifies the review and approval process by integrating Google Docs, Google Slides, and other SaaS products. Users can create workflows that automate the review process, notifying stakeholders for feedback and approval. This streamlines the entire content creation process, reducing errors and ensuring timely delivery.

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