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Integrating Trello and Greenhouse

Greenhouse and Trello are popular SaaS products that can be seamlessly integrated with Relay, a collaborative workflow automation platform. By combining the power of Greenhouse and Trello with Relay, users can streamline their workflow and enhance productivity.

Streamline Recruiting

With the integration of Greenhouse and Trello in Relay, you can automate the process of moving candidate information from Greenhouse to Trello boards. This allows your team to easily track and manage candidates throughout the recruitment pipeline. Additionally, you can automate notifications and reminders for important milestones, ensuring that no candidate falls through the cracks.

Project Management

By integrating Greenhouse and Trello in Relay, you can simplify project management. Automate the creation of Trello cards based on Greenhouse's candidate stages or job openings. Assign tasks, set due dates, and track progress in Trello boards, providing your team with a clear overview of the project status.

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