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About Greenhouse

Greenhouse is a popular applicant tracking system (ATS) that streamlines the hiring process for organizations of all sizes. With its powerful features for sourcing, interviewing, and hiring, Greenhouse has become an indispensable tool for HR and recruitment teams. By integrating Greenhouse with Relay, businesses can unlock even greater efficiencies and collaboration possibilities.

Streamline Candidate Onboarding

Relay's double check automations can be used to personalize the onboarding process for new candidates. HR teams can review and customize the information being sent from Greenhouse, ensuring a personalized and impactful onboarding experience.

Boost Employee Engagement

Integrating Greenhouse with AI models like GPT through Relay's AI Autofill feature can help to automate routine communications and enhance employee engagement. For example, personalized emails can be generated using GPT to share company news and updates, creating a more connected workforce.

Improve Data Accuracy

Relay's integration with Greenhouse enables HR teams to double check and verify the accuracy of data being imported into the system. By adding a human review step, potential errors can be caught and corrected before they impact crucial recruitment processes.

To experience the power of Greenhouse integration and to explore additional integrations with other SaaS products, try Relay for free. With Relay's collaborative workflow automation platform, businesses can simplify and enhance their HR and recruitment processes, improving efficiency and driving better outcomes.

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