Fibery integrations

Fibery is an adaptive workspace that merges various work apps into a single interconnected environment. It's designed for teams who desire an integrated system to handle workflows, including product development, project management, and customer relations. With Relay, you can effortlessly incorporate AI intelligence into Fibery's multi-use platform, automating routine tasks while ensuring that complex workflows retain a human touch when necessary.

Fibery triggers and automations

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Do more with Fibery and Relay

Augmented Team Collaboration

In Fibery, workspaces are highly configurable. Relay enhances this flexibility by automating routine updates across project boards, wikis, and databases. If you're tracking a product launch, Relay can automate status updates, enabling team members to focus on critical tasks rather than manual data entry. Relay's AI can also provide summary reports of project updates, which can be reviewed and enriched by your team before sharing with stakeholders.

Streamlined Customer Feedback Analysis

Gathering and implementing customer feedback is a cornerstone of product development within Fibery. Relay's AI can sift through customer feedback submissions, providing preliminary categorization based on sentiment analysis or content. Team members can then review, refine, and implement those insights into Fibery's planning modules, ensuring customer-driven iterations with minimal manual overhead.

Enhanced Communication Workflows

Relay complements Fibery's communication tools by automating and drafting responses for customer support or team updates. Using Relay’s AI Autofill, draft communications based on ticket content or project status from Fibery's ecosystem, creating personalized messages without starting from scratch. A human team member can then review and add nuance to these AI-generated texts, ensuring all messages resonate with their intended audience while maintaining a personal touch.

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