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Integrating Trello and Google Play Store

Integrating Google Play Store and Trello with Relay opens up a world of possibilities for workflow automation and seamless collaboration. With Relay's intuitive platform, you can create powerful automations that combine the strengths of these two apps, allowing you to streamline your processes and boost productivity. Here are some exciting use cases that you can build using the integration of Google Play Store, Trello, and Relay.

Customer Support Workflow

Relay enables you to build a customer support workflow that combines Google Play Store reviews, Trello, and other customer support tools. Whenever a new review is posted on the Play Store, Relay can automatically create a Trello card and assign it to the appropriate team member for further action.

Feature Request Management

Manage feature requests efficiently by integrating Google Play Store, Trello, and Relay. Relay can automatically create Trello cards for new feature requests posted on the Play Store, allowing you to track and prioritize them. You can also use Relay's AI Autofill feature to automatically populate card details based on the information provided in the feature request.

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