Mailjet integrations

Mailjet is a robust email service designed for creating, sending, and tracking marketing and transactional emails. Relay's integration with Mailjet enables users to automatically manage contacts and streamline email campaigns. Utilize Relay to enrich Mailjet functionalities without writing a single line of code—perfect for cultivating client relationships and enhancing email strategies with ease.

Mailjet triggers and automations

Add contact to list
Get or create contact

Do more with Mailjet and Relay

Automate Contact Management

Relay effortlessly automates the process of managing your contacts in Mailjet. Whenever a new lead is captured through your landing pages, forms, or other channels, Relay can add or update that contact's information in Mailjet and assign them to the appropriate list. Enjoy seamless integration with other business apps to ensure your contact lists are always current and organized.

Dynamic List Management for Tailored Campaigns

Segmentation is key in email marketing, and Relay's automation helps refine this further. Automatically add contacts to specific Mailjet lists based on their interaction with your website, product, or service, ensuring they receive highly tailored email campaigns. Relay can connect with e-commerce platforms, support tickets, or web activity data to enhance targeted communication efforts.

Seamlessly Integrate Marketing and Sales

Create a synchronized marketing and sales ecosystem using Relay's automation capabilities with Mailjet. Set up Relay to track user actions from your CRM or sales platform—like a deal stage change—and automatically add these contacts to Mailjet campaigns designed for upselling, cross-selling, or customer retention. Implementing such workflows minimizes manual tasks and amplifies the impact of your email marketing.

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