Xodo Sign integrations

Xodo Sign is a versatile tool for creating and managing digital signatures on documents, streamlining the signing process for businesses and individuals alike. Through Relay's Xodo Sign integration, Relay can enhance and expedite documentation workflows in various business contexts, marrying the ease of digital signatures with the efficiency of automated processes.

Xodo Sign triggers and automations

Export document as PDF
Send document using template

Do more with Xodo Sign and Relay

Automated document delivery for signatures

Speed up the process of getting documents signed with Relay's ability to send documents from Xodo Sign using templates. Create a Relay playbook to automatically send out contracts or agreements to be signed via Xodo Sign. The automated flow can include a step for manual review by a team member before the documents are sent, ensuring accuracy while maintaining efficiency.

Seamless integration with document storage

After documents are signed in Xodo Sign, Relay can automate the export and storage of these documents as PDFs. Set up a workflow where signed documents are automatically stored in a specified location in your company's cloud storage system. Relay can simplify file management with categories, naming conventions, and archiving rules that keep your digital records organized and accessible.

Streamlined contract management

Connect Xodo Sign with your CRM or project management tools using Relay. Designed to maximize workflow efficiency, Relay can send a notification to the relevant team members or update the project status in your CRM as soon as a document is sent out for signature, or when a document has been signed. This keeps everyone on the same page and moves projects forward without delay.

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