ScrapingBee integrations

ScrapingBee is a powerful scraping tool that handles headless browsers and rotates proxies, making web scraping at scale reliable and efficient. With Relay's integration, you can enhance workflows by automating the extraction of text from HTML pages and employing AI for processing or summarizing the data. Whether you're monitoring competitor prices, tracking SEO rankings, or aggregating content, Relay turns raw data extracted by ScrapingBee into actionable insights without the need for manual review.

ScrapingBee triggers and automations

Extract text from a HTML page

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Automated monitoring for competitive analysis

Stay ahead of the competition with automated market monitoring. Relay can trigger a workflow that starts with ScrapingBee scraping competitor websites and extracting product prices or feature listings. The extracted data can then be processed by AI models that highlight significant changes and send alerts or reports to your team, all without the need to manually sift through the data.

Efficient SEO and content aggregation

Leverage Relay to automatically aggregate content from various sources for your content strategy or SEO efforts. Use ScrapingBee to extract text from relevant HTML pages and feed it into Relay, where AI models can provide summaries, categorizations, and analyses. Relay lets you easily build an organized content repository, with minimal manual input, that keeps your strategies data-driven and up to date.

Streamlined research and data collection

Simplify the process of collecting information for market research by using Relay to automate data extraction with ScrapingBee. Once the data is extracted, AI within Relay can sort, classify, and summarize the findings, readying it for analysis. With triggers set for specific types of data, Relay can notify the research team to initiate a deeper review or take action, ensuring a human touch is present when necessary.

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